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News and Recent Developments

The draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, 10th  October are available in the private area of this website—as are presentations made to that meeting by Tom Jenkins on the “Way Forward” and by David Moore on “Current Financial Issues.” Please advise any member of the Committee of suggested changes to the draft minutes by the end of March.

Also shown in the private area are the General Manager’s and the UK Property Manager’s Reports for January 2014.

In addition owners interested in a permanent “swap” of their timeshare to another MRL resort can find details regarding availability in a document headed –“Owners Swapping.”

Also included is a summary document headed—Responses to Owners’ Questions, Comments and Suggestions 2013.

From this area it is also now possible for owners to download a copy of the Inventory for their unit.

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Owners’ Committee

The current members of the Owners Committee, which normally meets four times during the year  in January, May, August and in October are:

Tom Jenkins, Chairman, Current term ends October 2014
Susan Wagstaff, Owner Representative, Current term ends October 2015
David Moore, Owner Representative. Current term ends October 2016
Simon Jackson, Managing Director, Macdonald Resorts Limited
Robert Scott, Finance Director, Macdonald Resorts Limited

There are three owner representatives on the club committee each serving for three years with one retiring in rotation each year. The retiring member is eligible to stand for re-election. Any owner is eligible to stand for election; nominations accompanied by curriculum vitae must be submitted by 31st August preceding the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting for 2014 will be held at Elmers Court on Friday, 10th October commencing at 11 a.m.

To express an interest or for further information please contact the committee.

For further details see the Owners’ private area.

To contact the committee please click here

Sales and Rentals do not come under the remit of the Owners Committee.